We recognise that a commitment to higher education study is a significant one. One aspect of this is arranging to pay your university fees and we recognise that the current economic environment may make this more challenging for students and their families. King’s is committed to supporting our students through such difficulties, including when you encounter more personal financial challenges.

For the 2020-21 academic year, in line with current practice, students who encounter difficulties in meeting fee due dates can seek out further advice and flexibility from Credit Control. We remind all current and future students that payments can be made at any time to smooth the cost out throughout the academic year so long as key payment milestones are met. This can mean making more frequent payments towards the cost of tuition. Students who encounter further challenges should contact us for help and advice. 

The Credit Control department is responsible for the collection of all tuition and accommodation fees invoiced to students and sponsors in line with the university payment terms and conditions. You can visit their Student fee payments webpages to find their contact details and detailed information on different types of fee payment.


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