At King’s, we understand that there are times when unexpected circumstances occur, such as an illness, bereavement or difficult family circumstances, which can affect your ability to study or complete an assessment. We call this a Mitigating Circumstance.

If you believe you are/were affected by mitigating circumstances that affected the grades you need to apply to King's/ meet your offer, then you should notify King's as soon as possible.

How can I apply for mitigating circumstances? 

The Admissions Office have detailed webpages called "Mitigating circumstances and the admissions process" for both undergraduate applicants and postgraduate applicants, which include information on what circumstances will be considered, how a submission is assessed and the possible outcomes.

Postgraduate applicants:

The university is only able to accept and assess mitigating circumstances submissions that have/will affect your ability to attend your interview at King's College London. If you meet this criteria, and have understood the mitigating circumstances process for postgraduate applicants, you should complete and send the Postgraduate Mitigating Circumstances Notification Form to the Admissions Office along with any supporting evidence.

What happens after i've submitted an mitigating circumstance? 
Your submission will be reviewed by the relevant Admissions Tutor and Admissions Manager, and the appropriate action can be taken in regard to the assessment process. You'll then be notified on the outcome of your submission.

Important to know:

  • Unless in an exceptional circumstance, any mitigating circumstance submissions sent to us after two weeks of your affected exam will not be considered in order to allow us to assess your submission fairly among other candidates.
  • Any circumstances disclosed after an interview selection day or an unsuccessful decision are also unlikely to be considered. 
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