Your ‘fee status’ is an assessment made by King’s after we receive your application. We follow national regulations and guidelines about which students are permitted to pay a lower rate of fees (the ‘Home’ fee) and are eligible to access certain loans or funding schemes in the UK.

How will King's determine my fee status?
Your fee status is determined by several factors, and not just by your nationality or where you currently live. You will be asked a number of questions when you apply to help us assess your fee status; if we’re unsure we might send you an additional fee status questionnaire to gather further information.

Can King's determine my fee status during my application? 
Unfortunately, we're unable to assess your fee status before you submit an application to King’s, but we hope that the information sheet from UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) will be a useful guide.

If you’re successful in your application, we will let you know your fee status in your offer letter – if you have any questions at that stage you should get in contact with us via King's Apply, before accepting your offer.