Entry requirements and selection procedures will vary according to the programme of study, and you should check specific entry qualifications within our online prospectus before applying to Study at King’s.

How do I find out the entry requirements for my chosen programme of study?
If you’d like to find out the entry requirements for your chosen programme of study, you can find this within our online prospectus

Within the online prospectus:
  1. Select either the ‘Undergraduate’ or ‘Postgraduate’ tab, located towards the top left of the webpage 
  2. Use the search bar to look up your chosen programme of study
  3. Select the ‘Entry requirement’ tab

How can I get more information about my chosen programme of study? 
Take a look at our article How can I get more information about my chosen programme of study? ​​​​​ for more information. 

What are your English Language /International entry requirements?
Depending on your level of study, you’ll need to meet both our English and International entry requirements.

For Undergraduate applicants:
For Postgraduate applicants:
Important to know:

To best support you when applying to study at King’s during this period, we advise that you keep up-to-date with the latest Coronavirus guidance for prospective applicants, which is updated regularly in line with guidance from the British Council.

The webpages linked above include useful guidance on a range of topics such as:
  • Academic term dates
  • Application process
  • English Language requirements                         
  • Required documents and experience
  • Offer acceptance

I need further support? 
If you have any further questions about applying to King’s then you can get in touch with us using our enquiry form.