The Police Registration Scheme has now been abolished in the UK as of 4 August 2022.

This means the following:

  • New students who will be joining us during the 2022/23 academic year will not be required to register with the police as part of the requirements of their visa
  • Current students who hold a Police Registration Certificate are no longer required to hold this certificate or update any changes of details in relation to the certificate
  • No future visa applications made in the UK will require proof of a Police Registration Certificate


Please read the update from the Overseas Visitors Records Office (OVRO) below:

"The general requirement under the Immigration Rules for certain foreign nationals to register with the police (the “Police Registration Scheme”) has ceased. From the time of receiving this notice, you are no longer required to register with the Police.
This means that the relevant foreign nationals of specified nationalities, aged 16 or over, usually granted more than six months' leave in certain migration categories are no longer obliged to register with the police.
This change applies to those who have already registered with the Police and who have a condition to register with the police listed as part of their leave to enter or remain in the UK.
They will also no longer be required to communicate any updated personal details to the police. Those who have been issued with a visa with the requirement to register but who are yet to travel, will have their visa reissued where possible or be notified of the changes in advance of travel.
For those who have travelled with the requirement in place, should they attend a local police registration office, they will be advised of the changes accordingly."


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