Some examiners like to receive a print copy of your thesis in addition to the electronic version. If it's required,  it will be stated in the “Confirmation of Appointment to Examine” email, copied in to you and your supervisor.


Key information for preparing print copies of thesis materials:

  • A spiral, comb, velo, wiro or equivalent bound copy is fine. The more expensive blue book binding is not necessary.
  • The bound copy needs to fit in a padded envelope sized 300 x 440 mm, or when you send or drop it into our office you can use your own envelope.
  • If you are a research degree candidate whose thesis includes scores, commentary, CDs, DVDs or art work your faculty will often recommend a box to protect the contents. At this stage, when it is not the final thesis for the library, it is your choice if you wish to use box binding or other alternatives. It will also need to fit in the padded 300 x 440 mm envelope, or again you can provide your own envelope or suitable post packaging

It is your responsibility to produce and submit a print copy of your thesis to us; you can post it directly from the print service, or drop it in person, to:

Research Degrees Examination team
Academic Services
8th Floor
James Clerk Maxwell Building
57 Waterloo Road

Our counter opening hours are between 09:00 and 17:00. The door will be locked outside these hours.

Important to know: print copies must be sent to your examiners by the Research Degrees Examination team and not by you, your supervisor nor a faculty staff member.