Whether you are submitting an electronic copy only, or your examiner has requested a print copy in addition to the electronic copy, your thesis must include:

  • Title Page – this will include your thesis title, full name and the award you are being submitted for;
  • Abstract – this must not be more than 5000 words;
  • Table of Contents – a list of tables, photographs and any other materials. For the print copy it will include all other materials not bound.

Print copy specifications

  • Plain white A4 sized paper (210 x 297 mm);
  • One sided printing;
  • Margins at the binding edge must not be less than 40 mm and other margins not less than 20 mm;
  • Double or 1.5 spacing (except for indented quotations or footnotes which can be single spaced);
  • All pages must be numbered in one continuous sequence. This means from the title page of the first volume to the last page of type will be page 1 onwards, until your final page. This sequence must include everything bound in the volume, for example maps, diagrams, blank pages etc;
  • Any material which cannot be bound in with the text must be placed in a pocket inside or attached to the back cover or in a rigid container. As mentioned before the storage of these materials must be presented in such a way that it can fit in the padded 300 x 440 mm envelope or sent to us using appropriate packaging to send to your examiners;
  • If your appendices are very long and will entail a two volume thesis it may be better to use a disc or USB storage system to include them. Please consider that your examiners may not have access to those computer facilities or find it suitably accessible. If you do choose to do this please ensure that the disc or USB stick is securely fastened in the back of your thesis.