When requesting these letters, you will be presented with the option to request a: 

  • Module registrations letter 
  • Non-standard Module registrations letter 
  • Non-standard Record of Agreed Results 

What is standard?

The standard Module registrations letter confirms your: 

  • Personal details 
  • Course details 
  • Module registrations 
  • Institutional signature and stamp 

The standard Record of Agreed Results (ROAR) confirms your:

  • Personal details 
  • Course details 
  • Module results 
  • Institutional signature and stamp 

We have a separate article to explain how you can download a standard Record of Agreed results letter.

What is non-standard?

There might be situations where the standard document doesn’t meet your requirements or that it’s unavailable to you due to your status with us. In these instances, simply request this document from us detailing your needs. We’ll do our best within our policy framework to support you or to link you to a more appropriate service. 

To request this document:

  1. Visit the Module registrations & results letters request form. You will be prompted to sign in.
  2. Complete the additional fields on the form.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Student Services will then process your request and contact you if they have any clarification questions.

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