You can attach various file types to enquiries on Student Services Online. A single file can be no more than 50 megabytes (MB) in size. Common attachment types include:

  • Documents: csv; doc; docx; odt; pdf; ppt; rtf; txt; xlsx
  • Images: bmp; gif; jpeg; png
  • Media: avi; flv (logged in students only); mov; mp3; mp4; wma

Important to know: The following file types are not supported on Student Services Online - ade; adp; app; asa; ashx; asmx; asp; bas; bat; cdx; cer; chm; class; cmd; com; config; cpl; crt; csh; dll; exe; fxp; hlp; hta; htr; htw; ida; idc; idq; inf; ins; isp; its; jar; js; jse; ksh; lnk; mad; maf; mag; mam; maq; mar; mas; mat; mau; mav; maw; mda; mdb; mde; mdt; mdw; mdz; msc; msh; msh1; msh1xml; msh2; msh2xml; mshxml; msi; msp; mst; ops; pcd; pif; prf; prg; printer; pst; reg; rem; scf; scr; sct; shb; shs; shtm; shtml; soap; stm; tmp; url; vb; vbe; vbs; vsmacros; vss; vst; vsw; ws; wsc; wsf; wsh

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