If you're ready to submit your thesis, you should: 

  1. Talk to your supervisor(s) about your readiness to submit and discuss the RD1 Form.
  2. Ensure your thesis meets the word count requirements, that you and your supervisor have discussed the issue of third party copyright and that you are ready to orally defend your thesis.
  3. Plan ahead if there are specific personal deadlines such as a job or funding opportunity, visa issues or a fellowship application you wish to meet. We estimate the average time period from submission of an RD1 to the final outcome of a Pass is at least 9 months and frequently a lot longer.
  4. Think about your potential examiners, their level of experience with UK-based PhDs, understanding of your field of study, ability to participate in an Oral Examination and reliability in completing and returning all examiner reports post Oral Examination.

We know it is a lot to think about! It is better to start early and be prepared – take each stage as it comes but be aware of how they interlink and any consequences if a stage is missed or not completed.

Once you have had these discussions with your supervisor you can move on to the RD1 Form.