The RD1 Form is your Examination Entry Form. It should be submitted four months before your intended submission date.
The reason for this is your nominated examiners need to go through a process of approval via the Subject Area Board (SAB) and the Research Degrees Examination Board (RDEB) Chair and this can take time.

If one, or in rare cases, both of your examiners do not meet the King’s requirements, then either one of these parties might suggest an Independent Chair or a new examiner nomination. In either of these cases your supervisor will need to re-think and re-submit the RD1 Form, in the case of a new examiner, or nominate an Independent Chair who will need approval and to accept the role.

How can I get a copy of the RD1 form?

You can download the RD1 form from the Research degree webpages. If you are struggling to download the form due to accessibility issues, then please contact our Research team directly at and we will send you an electronic Word copy as an email attachment.

In order for the form to be sent to the SAB it is mandatory that the RD1 is fully completed with signatures from your supervisor, and in certain faculties, a counter-signatory. Once your form is complete and signed, please send it to our Research degree team 

We prefer you to have as much time as possible so neither you nor your supervisor(s) are stressed or struggling to find further nominees. The earlier we receive the form the better, because our team are very experienced and will get in touch with your supervisor if they suspect there might be issues with a lack of examiner experience or location.