Your RD1 Form must be signed by your primary supervisor.

If you are a student in the following faculties below, you'll need a counter-signatory. 

  • Dental Institute,
  •  King’s Business School
  •  Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Dickson Poon School of Law,
  •  Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences 
  • Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery and Palliative Care

The list of counter-signatories is available online. This is the responsibility of the supervisor or faculty staff to obtain – we are unable to contact the counter-signatory on your behalf. 

We know occasionally that problems can arise between you and your supervisor – the RD1 can be a useful opportunity to discuss expectations of the oral defence of your thesis. If, however, you feel the issues are insurmountable or you are unable to get the requisite supervisor signature due to lack of contact please talk to your Faculty Research Degree Co-Ordinator or Manager who will be able to assist you.

Important to know:

  • The Research Degree Office are unable to manage or deal with intra-faculty or supervisor problems.
  • The Research Degree Office is unable to accept an RD1 Form without a supervisor signature.
  • We cannot process an RD1 Form without the requisite counter-signatory.