The Research Degrees Examination team will process your form and contact you via email once this has been completed. 

The process is as follows:

  1. We will check your RD1 form thoroughly and ensure it has been fully completed. If there are any obvious issues, such as a lack of experience in examining UK-based PhDs or the location of the examiner, we will contact your supervisor and flag them. We will then send the RD1 Form to the SAB, copying in your supervisor, for approval.
  2. While we are waiting to hear from the SAB we send an initial “request for information” to your examiners. This means we can be ahead of schedule and notify the examiners of the need to ensure time is available in their schedule to undertake your Oral Examination and write up the Examiner Reports. If one, or both, of the examiners are not approved, then we will not confirm these appointments nor send them a copy of your thesis. Very rarely at this stage, more likely if there has been no prior contact between your supervisor and the examiner, an examiner may refuse the nomination themselves. When this happens we will immediately inform your supervisor.
  3. Once the SAB have confirmed their approval of the nominated examiners we will send the RD1 Form to the RDEB Chair for final approval.
  4. Once we have all approvals we will send your examiners a “Confirmation of Appointment to Examine” email. This will be copied in to you and your supervisor for your records.

Important to know: We receive a very high volume of emails and do not have the resources to personally respond to an RD1 entry email unless it has been requested. The generic email response shows we have received it and will be working on your request.