The university has a responsibility in respect of students who are following a programme of study leading to a professional qualification that is registrable with a statutory regulatory body. In addition to conferring the relevant qualification, the university must be satisfied that the student would be a safe and suitable entrant to the given profession and is, therefore, fit for registration and practice.

The programmes of study to which this responsibility applies are:

  • All programmes in Midwifery with registration;
  • All programmes in Nursing with registration;
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics;
  • PGDip Dietetics;
  • MSc Dietetics;
  • BSc Physiotherapy;
  • MSc Physiotherapy;
  • MBBS;
  • BDS;
  • MPharm;
  • DClinPsych;
  • PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education; and
  • PCE Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

For more information on the relevant regulations and procedures, please visit the Fitness for Registration and Practice webpage.