What is Fitness to Practise? 

King’s has a responsibility in respect of students who are following a programme of study leading to a professional qualification which is registerable with a statutory regulatory body. You can learn more about this by reading our Fitness to Practise Policy.


In addition to obtaining the relevant qualification, we must be satisfied that you would be a safe and suitable entrant to the given profession and are therefore fit for registration and practise.  


The following programmes of study to which this responsibility applies include:

  • All programmes in Midwifery with registration 
  • All programmes in Nursing with registration 
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • PGDip Dietetics 
  • MSc Dietetics 
  • BSc Physiotherapy 
  • MSc Physiotherapy 
  • MBBS 
  • BDS 
  • BSc Dental Therapy and Hygiene 
  • MPharm 
  • DClinPsych Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 
  • PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education 
  • PCE Professional Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Foundation Year One Training. The university is responsible for ensuring that MBBS graduates of the university during their Foundation Year One training follow an approved training programme and certify successful completion of this programme. This certification entitles full registration with the General Medical Council. For the purpose of this Policy, the term ‘student’ shall include Foundation Year One students, and the term ‘programme of study’ shall include the Foundation Year One training. 



What happens if my faculty have concerns about my fitness to practise? 




How/why would I be referred to a Fitness to Practise Committee?  




I have been told my case is going to a Fitness to Practise Committee; what does this mean?  




What can I expect at a Fitness to Practice Committee Hearing? 




Can I appeal against the decision of a Fitness to Practise Committee?




What happens if an Appeal Committee is convened? 




What can I do if I’m unhappy with the outcome of my appeal?