Employability at King's is defined as “the portfolio of knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences (KASE) developed continuously through everything you study and do whilst at King's, that enables you to achieve your career goals”.
Your career journey is defined as “the reflective journey of discovery of yourself, your future options, and the world you would like to enter”.
Understanding and taking part in all that King's offers will enable you to leave with a clear sense of your own careers and employability journey, how to express these, and take ownership of them for yourself.
How will King's Careers & Employability support me throughout my time at King's? 

At the start of every academic year at King’s, we ask you a few short questions during your enrolment:

  • What stage of career planning are you at?

  • What do you plan to do after your current programme of study?

  • Which sector would you like to find employment in once you graduate?

  • Have you gained work experience in this sector?

  • Please indicate which types of work experience you have undertaken.

These questions help our Careers & Employability Service give you the support you need, but more importantly, the questions help you to understand where you are on your career journey.


As a current student, you can view all the different ways we can support you on our Careers & Employability webpages. or to access our resources, information and e-learning content visit our exclusive KEATS site which is structured to help you navigate to the right support wherever you are on your journey. 


What is the King's CareerConnect Portal?

Our King’s CareerConnect portal is where you can access employer profiles, vacancies, book onto events, review our awards and internships schemes and book appointments with our Careers Consultants and Application Advisers. 


Will King's Careers & Employability support me after I graduate? 
Recent alumni can continue to access our service up to two years following completion of their programme – take a look at our alumni eligibility policy for more guidance.