If you are a prospective, current or recently graduated student then the Advice & Guidance team can provide you with free, confidential and practical advice. 

The team has specialist advisers who can support you with a range of concerns that you may encounter during your time at university including:

  • Money Advice: Student funding, banking, credit and debt, as well as guidance on other financial issues.
  • Housing Advice: Finding housing, contract checking, KCL flatmate finder and other legal or practical advice
  • Visa & International Student Advice: Settling into life in the UK, applying for a student visa, your rights in the UK, Brexit and other international student related concerns
  • Changes in Circumstances: Support and advice if you are unwell, pregnant, have family issues or your financial situation changes and you may need to explore a break or withdrawing from your studies.
  • Student Parents: Practical advice and support for student parents and carers.

The team will direct you to alternative services within the university (when appropriate) and can also help you with approaching or applying to outside organisations if that is what you need.

Important to know: Visit Advice & Guidance to learn more about their services and how you can get in touch. The Advice & Guidance teams offer remote support options until on-campus support can resume.

For a run-down of all support and wellbeing services please refer to our article Accessing Student Support & Wellbeing remotely.