If you apply to interrupt your studies at King’s then the date of interruption is used to calculate your fee liability for the current year of study. 

Your fee liability will normally be calculated based on the full fee for the academic year, divided by the number of teaching weeks for that year of study and then multiplied by the number of actual weeks before the start of your interruption. 

This revised fee will be notified to you when you receive your confirmation of interruption email. 

When you return from interruption, your fees will be reviewed and unless you are returning for a complete academic year, your fees will for the part-year will normally be calculated in the same way as they were when you interrupted. However, if you are funded on an Undergraduate course by Student Finance, your return fee will be calculated based on their regulations (full fee for the year, minus the amount paid for the part-year prior to your interruption). 

You can find more detailed information on fee calculations on the Student Fee Payments Withdrawals and Interruptions webpage.