We are continuously improving Student Services Online, from the content you can read in articles, to how we process your questions and document requests. This article summarises the new features and improvements you'll experience from the end of July 2019.

New features

  • There is a new Document & letter requests section, which makes it easier to view documentation that can be downloaded independently, and what can be requested from Student Services.
  • Under "Useful articles this month" on the homepage there is now a list for New students, which provides direct links to the most helpful articles when starting at King's.
  • Each article now has a hyperlink next to its title called "Copy link to article". This is so that articles can more easily be saved and shared by staff and students.
  • New "My services" page for signed-in students so that they can easily navigate between asking a question, requesting a document and viewing their open and closed enquiries.
  • There's now a prompt for signed-in students to explain why they want to re-open a closed case, which will make it easier for staff to respond appropriately.

  • The biggest change is the homepage! We have completely changed the initial navigation of the site because users provided feedback that they would prefer to immediately start browsing information. Most sections are now listed alphabetically under "Support & services" so that it's easier to find what you're looking for.
  • We've renamed the Welcome to King's section to New students and organised articles into more specific sub-sections. We hope this section now more accurately represents the enrolment experience for all students and not just those joining King's in September.
  • Several refinements to enquiry handling processes so that staff can respond to you more efficiently and effectively.
  • Edits to page titles and links to different sections so that language is as simple and consistent as possible.
  • Edits to all email subjects to that the case number and title is always referenced.
  • The CAS request form now includes a declaration if someone selects "I am applying for an extension under the Doctoral Extension Scheme" so that students do not need to sign and submit a separate form for this.

  • Edits to success and error messages (some were the wrong colour before).
  • The search icon (magnifying glass) in the header wasn't working properly on all pages, so this has now been fixed so that you can search from wherever you are on the site.
  • All enquirers can now submit attachments with their enquiry (before only signed-in students could).
  • Font now renders correctly for Apple users.

Keep helping us to improve

If you raise an enquiry with Student Services, please be sure to provide us with feedback when you receive your "We've resolved your case" email. This helps us to know what's working well and to inform future improvements to the service.

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