Personal tutors organise time to meet with tutees to discuss their academic progress in general. They are not able to work one-to-one with you to prepare specific pieces of academic work, but if you are struggling to complete work independently or experiencing other academic difficulties then you should still speak to your personal tutor.

Your personal tutor can help you understand feedback that you have received from across your modules or they might provide general guidance on academic practice in their discipline, but they cannot give you feedback on individual pieces of work. They will encourage you to seek further specialist support with study skills, if you need it.

Your personal tutor will not always be an expert in all areas you are studying, but they will be committed to your academic progress and development more generally. If your personal tutor does not have expertise in a particular area of your studies, they will direct you to other staff within the department.

Important to know:

Take a look at our personal tutoring webpages for more information on how your personal tutor can support you throughout your studies.