We believe that getting the most out of your university experience will improve your overall wellbeing and help you to thrive while studying at King's. To do this, you need to look after the 'whole you' and find ways to nurture everything that makes you who you are. To help you to reflect on the different aspects of your wellbeing, we have created the King's Way to Wellbeing, which is based on the NHS 5 Steps to Wellbeing.

Keep Moving: What makes your body feel good?

Walk, run, dance, cycle, play games, gardening or swimming. Move anyhow and anywhere to feel good, using different forms of physical activity. Top tip: have a look at everything on offer from King's Sport & Wellness or the Keep Moving section of the Wellbeing Hub for more ideas. Why not also check out King's Sport & Wellness Active Wellness - exercise therapy for mental and physical health.

Invest in Relationships: What makes you feel loved or that you belong?

Whether its family, friends, colleagues, partners or flatmates, investing time in developing personal relationships supports and enriches your life. Top tip: have a look at KCLSU's societies and activity groups and events to find other students with similar interests or use the Invest in Relationships section of the Wellbeing Hub for more ideas.

Never stop learning: What challenges gives you a sense of accomplishment?

Learning something new or rediscovering an old interest will make you feel more confident. Try a new recipe, set yourself an exciting challenge or learn a different language. Top tip: take a look at some of the courses on offer at the King's Language Centre or use the Never Stop Learning section of the Wellbeing Hub for more ideas.

Give to others: What allows you to positively contribute to the world?

Doing something for others connects you with those people around you and will improve your wellbeing and happiness. This could be volunteering or simply being nice to a stranger. Top tip: find out how you can Make a difference at King's and/or find volunteering opportunities at KCLSUThe Give to Others section of the Wellbeing Hub also has many other ideas too.

Savour the moment: What gives you a sense of connection with the present moment?

Noticing what’s happening around you and being present in the moment will help you be more aware or mindful of how you’re feeling and the world around you. Savouring moments in the everyday can help you to reflect on your experiences with renewed appreciation. Top tip: have a look at what the Chaplaincy offers, or perhaps join the KCLSU Meditation SocietyAlso, check out the Savour the Moment section of the Wellbeing Hub.

The Wellbeing Hub is a joint King’s College London and KCLSU initiative to improve student mental health and wellbeing.