You don’t need to be an expert to show empathy, listen and support those who are going through a tough period in their lives. Starting a conversation with someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts can be helpful and, in some cases, life changing. There are a range of resources and training courses that can help you to develop a greater awareness about suicide, and to support you to have conversations about suicide with your loved ones.

"Let's Talk" Suicide Awareness training

This is a free 20-minute online training course created by the Zero Suicide Alliance, which focuses on suicide awareness and covers the following topics:

  • How to spot the signs of suicide
  • How to have a conversation about suicide using scenarios
  • Personal stories to further reinforce the importance of being suicide aware.

"We need to talk about suicide" training

This is a free 1-hour online training course created by Public Health England, which focuses on how we can all play a role in preventing suicide.

Other external resources:

  • Minding your head has a range of tips with supporting a loved one with suicidal thoughts and a guide to spot the warning signs of someone at risk of committing suicide.
  • For help starting difficult conversations about mental health issues, Samaritans have plenty of tips and resources to support you.
  • Rethink provide advice and guidance on supporting a friend or loved one with suicidal thoughts.