A personalised exam timetable will be available to you on Student Records. To view your timetable once you've logged into Student Records: 

  1. Go to 'Student Homepage' tab
  2. Select 'My modules'
  3. Click on the 'View my exam timetable' link 

What will my personal exam timetable include? 

 Your personal exam timetable will include the following:

  • A breakdown of all the modules that you are registered to sit an exam for. You will see the full list under the heading ‘Module Title’.
  • The date and time that each of your exams will be taking place.
  • The duration of each exam.
  • Details of the location that your exam(s) will be held.
  • Your allocated seat number for each of your exams.


I have a problem with my exam timetable? 

If there are assessments missing, or you have assessments you were not expecting on your timetable, please contact your faculty/department.