If you need to prove your results to another university or employer, then there are several forms of official documentation available to you:


  1. Record of Agreed Results (ROAR)

This document is for current students and shows your progression and all of your results to date. For more detail on how to access your ROAR, please read our article I need to prove my module results so far.


  1. Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Once you have been awarded your degree your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will be updated and completed. You can share this with prospective employers, other institutions for further study, or any other organisation or agency. This is the best way to prove and share your results.


  1. Final Transcript

This document is for students who have completed their course and been awarded their degree. You can access your transcript digitally and for free from your Gradintel account alongside your HEAR. For more detail see I need a transcript.


  1. Degree Certificate

While we continue to work and study remotely, certificates are being posted monthly - please make sure your address on record is up-to-date. For more detail, please see our article Your Degree Certificate.


Important to know:

  • The university is unable to provide confirmation of your results before your relevant Board of Examiners has met and the results have been ratified.
  • King’s does not issue “provisional” or “unofficial” results. The only results you receive will be confirmed and ratified.
  • Please avoid contacting the university or your department asking to be told your results over the telephone because data protection restrictions don’t allow staff to disclose your results in this way. Please rest assured that when your results are available, you will receive these over email.