If you studied at King’s before the start of the 2008/09 academic year, your certificate is produced by the University of London. 

Why does the University of London produce awards for students at King’s?  

King's College London is a co-founding constituent college of the University of London. In 2006, King’s College London was awarded degree awarding powers, and was therefore, able to award degrees in its own right from 2008 onward.  

What type of certificates are produced by University of London? 


The following certificates below are produced by University of London, and include:  

  • All degree-level awards (including intercalations) made prior to 1st July 2008. 

  • Any awards for students who opted to receive a University of London award when given a choice via Student Records 

  • All PhD and specialist doctorate awards made prior to 1st March 2008. 

  • All federal degree programmes, regardless of date.   


How do I request a replacement certificate from the University of London (UOL)? 

To request a replacement certificate from the University of London, you’ll need to get in touch with the UOL’s Transcripts Office, who’ll be able to assist you further. 

If you are looking for further documentation and detail about your degree course and you are not a recent graduate, please take a look at our article I’m King’s alumni and I need to prove my degree