Every programme available to study at King’s, will have a list of entry requirements, which can be found on our online prospectus. If a programme does not accept students that have re-sat their qualifications, this will be clearly stated under the ‘Entry requirements’ tab for your chosen programme of study. We strongly advise that you take some time to review our online prospectus before making an application to study at King's.

For some of our very competitive courses,  you should bear in mind that your application will be reviewed alongside other strong applicants, who might be viewed more favourably, if they achieved the required grades within a 2-year period.


I need further support? 

If you are applying to King's and need further support, or have any queries that have not been covered within the online prospectus, please log a case with us. If you have already applied, please see our article How do I contact Admissions once I've applied? 


Important to know: If you experienced any personal circumstances that affected your academic performance, you could be eligible to submit an Admissions Mitigating Circumstances Form. Take a look at the criteria and guidance for submitting a form.