When fees should be paid will depend on the course type you are doing, and your fee status, i.e. sponsored or self-funded

Please have a look at Student Fee Payments to find out more detail about the following:

Tuitions fee payments for

  • Self Funding "Home/EU" Undergraduate classified students
  • Self Funding "Post Graduate" and / or "Overseas" classified students
  • Sponsored Students
  • King's Foundations
  • PGCE Courses
  • Post Graduate Masters and Doctoral Loans
  • Bench / Consumable Fees
  • King's Online Distance Learning Modules
  • Non-Award Short Credit Bearing Courses

You can also find out about Residence Fee payments and details on how to pay.

If you have any other questions about your fees please check out these FAQs and Quick Links as they are a great source of information.