Confirming enrolment

If you are a new student, your enrolment is a two-stage process; first you have an online enrolment task, and second you attend an appointment in person and receive your student ID card. Once your enrolment is complete, you will be able to access and download your Confirmation of Study letter which confirms your enrolment status and the details of your course.

If you are a returning student, you need to re-enrol through your online enrolment task at the start of each academic year. Once you have done that you be able to access and download your Confirmation of Study letter for the new academic year.

Confirming fees

Your sponsor will be invoiced directly with all the details of fees due, payment deadlines and methods of payment.

If your sponsor is asking for confirmation of your fees before the invoice will be issued, you can provide them with your Offer letter which states your fees.

If your sponsor is asking for more than the Confirmation of Study letter and Offer letter, you or your sponsor can contact the Credit Control department directly for support.

Important to know:

If your sponsor is asking for confirmation of enrolment and fees before they will provide you with their financial support letter confirming the sponsorship, your options are:

  • Explain to your sponsor you ideally need evidence of their support to complete your enrolment
  • Show your sponsor this article as guidance
  • Contact Credit Control directly since they are best placed to support you and your sponsor.
  • Select ‘sponsor’ as your funding option on the enrolment task and complete the enrolment task. You will be able to complete the task at that stage without having to upload a letter. Once you have obtained your letter confirming your financial support from your sponsor, you can send this directly to Credit Control by email.

Evidence of your sponsorship should be provided as soon as possible following your enrolment if you have been unable to provide prior to enrolment.

  • If no evidence has been supplied by the time invoices are created, you will be invoiced directly. Invoices are usually issued each year in late October/early November.

If you have any other questions about your fees please check out these FAQs and Quick Links as they are a great source of information.