We know that this year is a challenging time and that the pandemic may well lead to some issues with your housing.

We’ve put together resources we think you’ll find helpful to get to grips with your accommodation options, your legal rights and fees you might incur when arranging accommodation, as well as how to seek the support you need it.


Living in or moving to the private sector?

If you’re looking for a new home renting in the private sector, we recommend referring to these articles which will support you through this process:

Once you’ve moved in, we have articles to help you manage potential problem areas and plan ahead, such as:


We also have guidance on getting support from your local council during lockdowns or self-isolation which may impact your living situation in What help is there in my local area for those affected by coronavirus?



Living in a King’s Residence?

If you’re living in one of our residences, we have guidance that can support you:

You can also keep up-to-date with the latest updates which affect Residences at Residences Covid-19 Update 2020/21.



What if I’m not in London at the moment, or looking to leave London?

If you live in the UK but outside London, much of our guidance on private sector renting will still be relevant to you, especially around your legal rights and Council Tax. For our full range of articles on housing, please visit Housing & accommodation support.

If you need to move out of London and leave rental accommodation, please refer to our article I’m moving out of London during my course for guidance and to highlight what you may need to consider when moving.

If you live in a King’s Residence and need to move out, the Residences team are best placed to support you and you can find out more at Moving out.

If you’re thinking about taking a break in your studies, you may wish to consider how this will affect your housing situation whether you are a undergraduate or postgraduate student.


How we can help you


Support from King’s

If you taken a look at our Housing & accommodation support category and can’t find the information you need, please don’t hesitate to contact our Housing Advisers for advice and guidance on your specific situation.


How can King’s help me negotiate with my private landlord during the coronavirus pandemic?

The university and KCLSU have jointly published a letter private landlords and accommodation providers asking for flexibility around student accommodation during this uncertain time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Please feel free send this letter to your landlord or provider to show the university’s support in your request for a reduction or waiver for your private rented home if you're not living in it due to the national lockdown or government restrictions.

We’ve made the letter available in an official download/printable document: King’s letter to private landlords



Support from the University of London

Our partners at University of London Housing Services have put together a handy legal guide on some of the key areas coming out of the pandemic and its implications for your housing.

The guide covers queries such as:

  • If you have left your home or London but your contract hasn’t ended

  • The consequences of non-payment of rent

  • If a flatmate is self-isolating or confirmed to have Coronavirus

  • If you fall behind on your rent because of Coronavirus can you be evicted?

  • If your Landlord is bringing round people for viewings

  • If you are a lodger and you are asked to leave

Take a look at the guide Coronavirus & Private Housing Rights