Across the UK local groups continue to provide support and assistance to those who are isolated, vulnerable and unable to access food during the ongoing pandemic. 

If you’re living in the private sector (outside of King’s Residences) and find that you are unable to leave your home because you are vulnerable to the risks of coronavirus, are self-isolating or in quarantine, there are local groups you can get in touch with. These groups act as a point of contact for residents in their local areas, some with points of contact for each street. 

Similarly, you may wish to volunteer as a point of contact or to provide support to others.

Types of support include:

  • Picking up some basic shopping (milk, bread etc.) and leaving them at your door
  • Collecting essential medication or to carry out vital tasks such as dog walking
  • Support with online shopping or video calling friends or relatives
  • Arranging a chat over the phone to combat loneliness

You may have already received a flyer or letter through your door from your local group or perhaps you have joined a local WhatsApp group or connected with your neighbours through the NextDoor App.

The Resident has also compiled a list of mutual aid groups, which are largely on Facebook and WhatsApp

The NHS provides health advice for everyone but you can also find more information within your local authority’s website for a range of support options and advice.

Local Authorities
It’s likely that something has also been set up or is being promoted through your local authority (your local council), so we encourage you to take a look at their webpages for more information.

We’ve compiled a list of local authorities in the London area with links to their websites with details of local support during the pandemic:

Not sure which council area you live in? Find your local council