From 23 March 2020 there will be no face to face teaching on campus unless you are advised by your department.

What is Remote Study?
We understand there is anxiety in the student community and that some of you will wish to return home to be with your families. For these exceptional circumstances we have created a Remote Study Form so you can tell us you are studying from home or any location outside campus.

For more information about remote studying and details on how to access the form please visit Guidance on Remote Study.

Important to know: 

  • This guidance applies to all students - undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research.
  • If you are postgraduate research (PGR) student and need to study remotely because you are doing field research or another form of travel for your study, but which is not as a result of Coronavirus, please visit Off-Campus Study Arrangements and complete the form there. Your supervisor can help you if you are unsure about anything.

Can I get a letter confirming I’m studying remotely?
Yes. Student Services can produce a Confirmation of Study letter for you with an added statement about the current situation and confirming you are engaging with your studies remotely.

In addition to confirming you are studying remotely, this letter will contain an overview of your course details, including:
  • Your personal details
  • Your enrolment status
  • Your course name
  • Your course start date and expected end date
To request this please submit a document request form.

Important to know:
  • You will need to submit your Remote Study form before requesting the letter. Student Services will check this has been submitted before we can issue it to you. 
  • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to produce documents in hard copy due to remote working. Instead, we will produce and issue documents electronically. Please rest assured that this will be secure, since all our digital documents are password-protected
What if I am sponsored?
You should be able to provide this letter to anyone asking for this proof, including your sponsor. If your sponsor has requested more information from you regarding fees, you may find these articles useful:

I am being sponsored for my tuition fees, what do I need to know?

My sponsor is asking for confirmation of enrolment and fees

If you are unsure if you are considered sponsored or not, please take a look at our article Am I considered sponsored or self-funded for my fees?

Support for remote study

  • King’s has a range of technologies which can help you engage with your studies online. For more information on this please visit Studying Online.
  •  To also help you prepare and take online assessments, there are a range of strategies and activities on the Revision and Exams section of King's Academic Skills for Learning (KASL) on KEATS.