We are continuously improving Student Services Online to ensure that we are providing a better experience for the King's community. This article highlights all the new features and improvements you’ll experience from April 2020.

New features

  • In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’ve made it easier to navigate to the main King’s Coronavirus webpages by including a banner on our home page. We've also published several new articles with guidance that relates to the pandemic.
  • We’ve added three additional sub-categories within our Assessment > Examinations category, which should make finding the information you need easier:
    1. Preparing for exams: articles about how you can best prepare for your exams at King’s.
    2. At Olympia: articles about how to travel to Olympia, and find your seat.
    3. At other venues: articles such as what to do with your belongings when sitting an exam in another venue, or what you should do at the end of your exam.
  • Again in the context of the current pandemic, we've edited the automatic emails you receive when you submit an enquiry with our most up-to date contact information.
  • We’ve changed the name of our existing Counselling & mental health category to Health & wellbeing and created 4 new sub-categories:
  1. Physical health & sport: useful information on registering for a doctor/dentist and keeping fit while studying.
  2. Mental health & wellbeing: helpful guidance on looking after your wellbeing and the different types of mental health and wellbeing support you can access at King's.
  3. Counselling Service: more specific information on accessing the King's Counselling and Mental Health Support Service, and the different ways the service can support you.
  4. Crisis support: guidance on how you or a loved one can access support if you find yourself in a difficult situation.
  • We've edited how keywords work in articles so that the search function returns more relevant results, even if you make a typo/use an alternative spelling.
  • When Prospective students opt in to receive further information from King’s, they are fully able to specify to us if they’d like to receive additional information via phone, email or text message.

  • We’ve ensured that Prospective students are now notified if a value has not been selected in the ‘What course are you enquiring about’ field within our enquiry form.

Keep helping us to improve 

If you raise an enquiry with Student Services, please be sure to provide us with feedback when you receive your 'We've resolved your case' email. This helps us to know what's working well and to inform future improvements to the service.

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