We have lots of information and advice to support you when managing your bills and other financial obligations during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, as well as guidance on any funding you may be eligible for during this time.

In this article:
How we can help you
If you are in financial hardship due to Coronavirus, or had pre-existing financial difficulties that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, you may be eligible to apply for financial aid from King’s through our Hardship Funds.

If you have a complex financial situation, are unsure how to prioritise your bills and/or how apply for any of the support outlined by government for workers, our Specialist Student Money Advisers can advise and support you on your individual circumstances.
You can call the Advice Line or submit an online enquiry form to book a consultation.
Managing your money
When considering your priorities over the coming months, always ensure that you have enough money for food, medicine and other essentials between now and your next instalment of funding, wages or other financial support. To help you plan your money we've created the Student Cashflow Forecaster.
If you are worried that your finances won’t cover your essentials, please seek advice from us or external advice agencies:

Important to know: It is important that you don’t ignore any bills and contact any services or organisations that you make regular payments to, including outstanding bills or debts. They might be able to help you by letting you pay smaller amounts or take a break.
For lots of useful tips and guidance on managing your money, please check out Top tips on managing your money during your studies.

Check in with your bank
It is worth checking with your bank or building society, as they might be able to help you with your debts or let you delay any loan or credit card payments.  Several banks have announced recently that they are temporarily suspending overdraft interest charges and have dedicated processes for requesting more time to pay. 

The Money Saving Expert has produced an extensive guide to your rights which is regularly updated and recommended reading for anyone with financial commitments – both small and large.

Warning about scams
Make sure you only use trusted sources of information about Coronavirus and your debts. If you receive any communications about student finance or help from King’s and you are unsure if it is genuine always check with the Student Funding Office.

We are aware of several scams claiming to provide financial assistance from the Government, calls for action to donate to the NHS or fines for breaking quarantine so please be vigilant and check all communications are legitimate before responding.

Don’t give money or personal details to anyone you don’t know or trust – for example, if someone knocks on your door and offers to help.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau have developed this useful guide on how to check if something is a scam. Always report scams to Action Fraud.

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