There may be lots of reasons you may need to prove your address when you’re a student. The most common reasons are when you’re trying to open a bank account or apply for Council Tax Exemption.

It’s best to be clear about whether you are trying to prove where you live or trying to prove your status as a student.

The standard Confirmation of Study letter is intended to prove your enrolment status at King’s and provide an overview of your course information. Your term-time and home addresses do appear in this letter, reflecting what is contained on your record.

Important to know: It is your responsibility to keep your address up to date. For guidance on how to do this see our article How do I update my address on my student record?

The Confirmation of Study letter also contains this statement:
“Please note that in line with our regulations all students must keep their term-time and home addresses accurate and up-to-date in order that the university can correspond with them as required”
This means that

  • The main reason we have your addresses on record is for correspondence, and the letter is a reflection of what is held on record for you.
  • This letter is intended to prove your student status rather than where you live.

Some organisations may ask for a letter from your university featuring your address details
If you are ever asked to provide proof of where you live, whoever is asking for this should let you know what documents they will accept as proof. It is up to that organisation to decide if they are happy to accept your Confirmation of Study letter as a proof of address.

Other common ways to prove your address include:
  • A tenancy agreement
  • A utilities bill (water, gas, electric, etc)
  • A bank statement

If you are at all unsure, always ask the person or organisation who is asking for your address, to tell you what sort of documents they can accept.