If you are going to work or study in another country, it’s likely you’ll be asked to provide details of your degree.

Different countries often have different measures for degrees and various other qualifications, so it’s possible you’ll need to provide information which makes your degree at King’s understandable to others overseas.

If you have an undergraduate or postgraduate taught degree (non-research), the best document to provide is your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).
This document has been designed to make your degree and its classification understandable overseas and includes ECTS credit equivalence.

You can view an example of this letter online.

Important to know:

In addition to your HEAR you may find these resources useful when needing to get your degree validated overseas:
Marking: College Framework
Marking Criteria Undergraduate
Marking Criteria Taught Postgraduate

Need your degree certificate legalised?
Some overseas institutions or organisations may ask for you to legalise your degree certificate. This is not something which King’s can do internally, but is something done by the UK government’s Legalisation Office.

To find out more about how to do this, please see our article Can I turn my degree certificate into a legal document?


I’m looking for a GPA conversion for my results
If you’re a King’s graduate or a current student approaching the end of your studies, and you are applying to institutions overseas that require a GPA for your degree, you’ll need to use an external service provider to calculate this conversion – unfortunately King’s can’t provide this for you.

NARIC is one organisation that provides this service, as does WES, which focuses on the US and Canada. To be sure however, we advise checking with the institution are you applying to about conversion resources, since they may have particular organisations they use to verify conversions or equivalences.