The university announced that the assessment period will now run until 26th June 2020. Does this extend my student status?
Standard undergraduate courses at King’s retain their official end date of 31st May 2020.  The assessment period was extended to provide some flexibility to individual students to complete outstanding assessments but does not officially extend the course. 

Important to know: This means that you will no longer be considered a student after 31st May 2020 unless your programme already had a later end date.

What is my student status if I am going on to further study in September?
You don’t retain your student status between two courses unless they are formally linked. This means that if, for example, you are finishing an undergraduate course in May and starting a postgraduate course in September, you won’t be considered a student for the months in-between.  You will only regain student status when you enrol for your next course.

Important to know: This means that you will be liable for Council Tax during the intervening period and may lose any travel discounts.  You will need to apply again for student exemption and discounts when you start your new course. 

If you meet the usual eligibility requirements you can claim welfare benefits between the two courses, but will need to cancel your claim when you start the new course, unless you remain eligible as a parent or sick or disabled student.

I have decided to interrupt my studies until next year; can I claim welfare benefits?
If you have interrupted your studies or deferred your assessments until next year, we would expect you to have a new end date for your programme. This means you won’t be able to apply for welfare benefits unless you meet the criteria for students who can claim when they are studying.

We advise all students on a break to speak to Advice team about their entitlement for funding and other sources of support.