For undergraduate programmes, a reference is required to be submitted as part of the UCAS application. If you have having trouble providing a reference, once you have applied please inform the Admissions Office via King's Apply in the first instance.

We are unable to accept an application without a reference, and we would generally expect this to be an academic reference. If you are currently studying then we would require your reference to be an academic reference from your current programme of study. Where an applicant has been out of education, if this was in the last 3 years, we would still expect an academic reference for this study.

For those who have been out of education for longer than 3 years, then we would expect an appropriate professional reference from an employer, or other appropriate professional referee.

We are able to accept a military reference for an applicant who is employed within the military for all programmes within the Department of War Studies; and on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances, may be able to consider a reference from an appropriate Music professional for our Music (BA) programme, and a relevant professional within a Religious organisation for programmes in our Department of Theology.
Important to know: All references must be sent from an official work email address.