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If I interrupt before the end of the academic year, will I still pay the full years’ tuition fees?
The amount charged is usually determined by the last day you were ‘actively engaged’ on the course (see exceptions below). You should speak to your personal tutor before completing the Change of Registration Form on Student Records so that you can agree your interruption date and an appropriate date to return to the course.

The longer you have attended the course the more fees you will be charged for the year. If relevant, this ‘last day’ will also influence the amount of living cost support paid by your funding body.

Are there any exceptions to this fee rule?
Yes, there are some courses where the charging arrangements differ. This is likely to be the case for King’s Online courses, International Foundation Courses and other short courses offered at King’s.

Please speak to your department directly or your Record Centre for more specific information about these programmes.

I am responsible for paying my own fees and have paid in advance. Can I expect a refund?
Once your interruption is finalised, your tuition fee will be recalculated by your Record Centre. Credit Control will issue a new invoice and if there is credit on your account, you can request a refund via Student Records or leave the funds until you return to study. For more detail you can take a look at the Student Fee Payments FAQs.

Record Centres can be contacted as follows:

Student Finance paid my tuition fees direct to King’s - what if they have paid King’s too much?
If you are funded by Student Finance England (SFE) or regional equivalents, the university will inform them about the change of registration and alert them to any revised charges. This will prompt them to adjust the Fee Loan paid.
Sometime later, you should receive a new financial assessment document from your funding body with the updated Fee Loan figure.

Important to know: Students with US Loans should speak to the Student Funding Office.

Student Finance helped with my living costs too - will interrupting impact on maintenance support?
When your funding body amends the Fee Loan, they will also reassess Maintenance Loans and/or Grants where relevant. Like Fee Loans, these are only paid for as long as you remain enrolled unless you interrupt for health or caring responsibilities, in which case, your funding body will extend your funding by an extra 60 days.

Important to know: As this type of funding is usually paid to you in advance, a mid-year reassessment is likely to result in your entitlement being reduced and an overpayment being identified. Your funding body will write to you about this as they are likely to seek immediate recovery of that overpaid amount.

I thought that loans were only repayable once I graduated and earned over the £25,725 threshold?
Yes, that is usually the case but when you interrupt, if you were paid for a whole term but did not complete it, this will trigger an overpayment request. Money paid towards periods that were completed will not be demanded and are repayable as normal at the end of your studies.

I receive an NHS Bursary, will they also make a request for money back if I interrupt mid-year?
Yes, once the NHS are informed of your interruption, they will review your funding and depending on dates, if an overpayment is identified you will be asked to repay this.

I have spent all my maintenance funding. What should I do if I cannot repay it all immediately?
Once you hear from your funding body, your options will be explained. Typically, these will include:

  • Making an immediate repayment where you can or
  • Having future funding reduced to help cancel out the overpayment.
  • In some instances, with Student Finance, you may be able to defer the repayment until you complete the course, if an earlier repayment would put you in severe hardship.

For more details about overpayments and deferring repayment visit Student finance if you suspend or leave your course.

I still have rent and bills to pay but I am too ill to work, how will I manage without student finance?
If you have ongoing financial commitments and are unable to work (or receive financial support from your family or partner) you can ask SFE to continue payments, so as to avoid serious financial difficulty.

Important to know: We strongly advise you to consult a specialist Money Adviser about how to do this and the evidence required.