Important to know: This information contains relevant considerations for all undergraduate students, but if you are studying on a Tier 4 visa you must consider the implications for your visa if you decide to interrupt. For this please read Specific information for Tier 4 students.

In this article:

What happens with my fees and funding?
Taking an interruption will likely affect your financial situation and any funding you may be in receipt of. Please read our article Interrupting as a postgraduate: what will happen with my fees and funding?

What will happen about my housing?
If you are living in King’s accommodation, once you stop studying, you will need to find alternative housing because Halls of Residence are exclusively for enrolled students.

Important to know: There are exceptions we can consider, such as if you estranged from your family. Please contact Advice & Guidance to discuss your housing options during your break if this is your situation.

You’ll need to speak to the Residences team about organising an early release from your contract. They will be able to advise further about moving out dates and how the early-release impacts on the rental charges. You can email or call on 020 3660 2662.

Private accommodation
If you live in private halls or at a private rented property, then you should check your contract for terms and conditions. It may be that you are unable to break the lease early, even though you are interrupting from the course.
Please contact us if you need further advice and support with this.

What happens with my Council Tax Exemption?
The good news is you remain classed as a full-time student during an interruption, so the exemption should still be available if you meet all the other conditions. If your Local Authority query this, please contact us for advice and assistance.

Your Confirmation of Study letter unfortunately won't be available to you as an automatic download while you're interrupted. If you need a letter for this purpose, please log a case with us and provide as much detail as possible.

How are Welfare Benefits affected by my interruption?
While you are on an ‘interrupted’ status, you retain your full-time student status so generally, the rules around accessing welfare benefits continue to be restrictive. Having said that, it is a complicated picture and seeking further advice from Advice & Guidance would be advisable, particularly if you are interrupting due to ill health or caring responsibilities.

Will I lose my Student Oyster card once I interrupt?
You receive this discount because of your enrolment, so once you interrupt, yes, you will eventually lose this concession. The university updates TFL on interruptions at regular points throughout the year and this will prompt them to cancel your Student Oyster card. When you return to the course, you will have to reapply to TFL for this travel discount.

What services can I still access from King’s whilst interrupted?
Access to Libraries and other learning resources should also be available but may be restricted. We advise checking with your department for full details and how to keep in contact while you are on a break.

You will also be able to access student support services at King’s, which includes our the specialist Advice & Guidance teams for Money, Housing & Visa advice, Frontline Student Services for a wide range of support including documentation, as well as Careers & Employment, Counselling, Disability Support and King’s NHS Health Centre.

How could taking a break affect my career?
We always advise considering your longer term career plans when planning to take an interruption of studies. We would recommend booking for a 20-minute Guidance Appointment with a Careers Consultant, to discuss your options.

Careers Consultants offer impartial advice to support you and help you to make the right decision for yourself. This is booked through King's Career Connect.

Important to know: You are likely to find it helpful to speak with your personal tutor/supervisor before your appointment, to develop an understanding of why your current course doesn't suit you or why you’re struggling with it. You can then bring that information to the 1:1 with a Careers Consultant and reflect on it in a confidential and impartial environment.