Congratulations on securing a place at King’s!  We warmly welcome you into the wider King’s community. At King’s, we support our students to excel in every aspect of University life, by providing world-leading teaching and resources to support them to do so. 

This article will give you guidance on how to prepare for your arrival at King’s over the following weeks. 

Important to know: Please read Semester 2 staggered return to on-campus teaching and Arriving and returning to King’s in January 2021 for the latest guidance on joining us at King's during this time. 

In this article:  


Do I need to contact King’s to confirm my offer?   
If you’ve seen that your place at King’s has been confirmed on UCAS Track, you’ll not need to call/contact King’s to confirm your offer. 


Setting up your IT/Email account   
A few weeks before you join us at King's, you’ll receive an email inviting you to set up your King's IT account. Your welcome email will contain your King's username, which begins with the letter K and is followed by 7 or 8 numbers (eg. k0123456), and your temporary password. For more information on setting up your IT account, take a look at our articles How do I access my King's email account and How do I get a King’s IT account and email address. 


How do I enrol?  
During  your first semester , you’ll be required to complete enrolment online and upload your photograph for your Student ID card. Online Enrolment should take 10-15 minutes to complete and involves answering a number of questions about yourself to allow us to create your student record. Our article I’m a new student, how do I complete online enrolment? includes more information on what you’ll be expected to complete for online enrolment. 

Important to know:  If you're starting your studies in September,  your ID will be sent to your home address, registered on Student Records. Take a look at How do I collect my ID card? for more information.  

How do I view my personal timetable?  
Once you’ve completed enrolment and selected your modules, you’ll be able to view your personal timetable, which includes detailed information on when your classes are scheduled to take place. Take a look at our article How can I view my programme timetable? for more information.  

Starting at King’s as an international & EU/EEA student 

Starting at King’s as an International student   
We’re delighted to welcome you to King’s and our International community. 

If you're on a Student visa, you’ll need to: 

Important to know:  The UK Home Office is introducing a new immigration system which will come into effect from 5 October 2020. The new “Student Visa” route will replace the “Tier 4 (General)” visa route. Please read our article New Student Visa Immigration Route for more information.

Other resources you might find useful: 

Starting at King’s as an EU/EEA student  
Prior to starting at King’s, you should:  

Other resources you might find useful: 

What should I do if I need to study remotely? 
If you're on a Student visa  or you're an EU/EEA student and you need to study remotely in Semester 1, take a look at our guidance below: 

I need to self-isolate upon my arrival
Take a look at our article Advice for arriving in the UK for guidance on how to prepare for self-isolation in the UK.

Important to know:

  • If you need further support about your visa or immigration status during your studies, you should get in touch with our Advice and Guidance Team, who’ll be able to assist you. Take a look at our article Accessing Student Support and Wellbeing for more information on how you can get in touch with the team during this period. 


Your accommodation 

Living on campus 

At King’s, we provide a wide range of accommodation options suitable for all preferences. You can find out what we offer across all our campuses on our King’s Residences webpages.  

Important to know: If you’d like to make an application to apply for at King’s Residences, you can do so, 2 working days after you've accepted your offer to study at King's. 

Living in private accommodation  

If you’re planning to live in private accommodation, take a look at some resources that may help you:  

Paying your tuition fees   

Depending on whether you’ll be funded by Student Finance, a sponsor, or you’re self-funded, you’ll need to be aware of your responsibilities when it comes to paying fees. 

Take a look at some of our guidance on paying fees, depending on your circumstances:  

Paying your fees:  

If you have a sponsor: 

Funding at King's 

Important to know: You can see the full list of helpful articles on paying fees funding and money advice on our webpages. 

How can I prove my student status? 

When you open a bank account or apply for council tax exception, you’ll be asked to prove your student status. To be able to do so, you’ll need to obtain a Confirmation of Studies Letter.  

Find out how you can get one and what you can use your Confirmation of Studies letter for, in our article I need to prove I'm a student.

Getting involved in Welcome Fortnight  
Welcome to King's takes place each year for all new students beginning their studies in September and January. This year Welcome to King's will take on a new virtual presence, which offers a range of events and induction activities for all our students across the globe. Take a look at our article Navigating your virtual Welcome Fortnight for how you can get involved throughout the welcome period.

Registering with a doctor/dentist 
If you're moving away from home to study at King's , it's a good idea to be registered with a nearby GP practice or dentist. Take a look at our article How can I register with a doctor and/or dentist? for more information on how to register.

Other resources you might find useful: