In Semester 2 of this academic year, personal tutoring will largely take place online, particularly while we are in lockdown. You can still request to meet your personal tutor in-person if you need to, but please be aware that the current safety guidance will determine if or how this is possible.

Online meetings will take place using 
Microsoft Teams. These may be group or 121 meetings. Where you are invited to a group meeting you are welcome to also request a 121 meeting with your personal tutor. 

Group meetings offer a great opportunity for you to meet other students from within your department, some who may be from other year groups. Sharing your experiences and achievements, as well as how you have overcome any challenges, can help you to learn new things about yourself and your peers. You may also hear about a society, activity, job opportunity or support service you weren't aware of before! 

Email contact with your personal tutor should be done using your 
KCL email account, so please remember to check this regularly, and respond promptly.

You can find out who your personal tutor is on Student Records. This information will be within the first two weeks of your programme starting. If you need to speak to someone in your department before that, please contact your department office.

For more information about personal tutoring, we have related articles you can check out or you can find out more by visiting Personal Tutoring at King's.