HyFlex is a digital model of educational delivery that King’s College London has invested in to support accessibility and flexibility for our students. This model delivers seminars in such a way that students can attend a class physically, or engage in the seminar remotely. 
You may have noticed that one or more of the modules on your timetable is identified as activity type 'HyFlex' or 'HyFlex manual'. This simply means that some students will be attending the session online and some will be in the classroom. The key benefit is that it allows delivery to both online and on-campus students without having to double the number of sessions.
What does HyFlex technology consist of? 
HyFlex technology consists of a large mobile screen with a high-quality camera, microphone, and soundbar, enabling it to be positioned within the room. 
Important to know: 
  • If the number of students that want to attend on-campus is greater than room capacity for that class, your Department will operate a rota and you will be informed of this by your class tutor. 
  • You can find more information about Hyflex, by reading the Hyflex Student Guidance on KEATS or by contacting your Programme Administrator.