If you’re living in private accommodation (i.e. not a King’s Residence) for the upcoming semester, please ensure you are familiar with the UK Government guidance for self-isolation to ensure you follow all the rules.
Many of our support services are available remotely, so take a look at the help they can provide in our article Accessing Student Support & Wellbeing remotely.
Other resources you might find useful are in our article What help is there in my local area for those affected by coronavirus?
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Paying for your online shopping
If you’re self-isolating then you’re not permitted to leave your home for the first 10 days of arriving in the UK. For things you’ve not been able to pack in your luggage, such as groceries, toiletries, bedding and any medication, you’ll need to arrange for these to be delivered to you.

To make your online shopping as easy as possible, consider opening a bank account in the UK. For helpful advice on this, read our article How can I open a bank account?


Ordering bedding, kitchen equipment & furniture
Whenever possible, you should try and pre-order home essentials prior to arriving in the UK. In addition to most of the supermarkets listed further down, here are some shops you could use:


Ordering groceries & toiletries
There are a range of supermarkets in the UK providing delivery services, which will all follow their own safety protocols.

Make sure you explore a range of shops to find options that suit your budget:


Ordering takeaways
From pasta to pizza, you can use popular apps such as JustEat and Deliveroo to order food. Other apps such as UNiDAYS and TOTUM (NUS) help you find places offering student discounts.


Ordering medication

You should register with a doctor online, who will then be able to provide you with a prescription electronically. You can then use popular chemists such as Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy or Boots to order your medication to be delivered to you.


Looking after your wellbeing during self-isolation

It is important to stay connected to people, even when you are required to stay at home. You can:


How can King’s help me negotiate with my private landlord during the coronavirus pandemic?

The university and KCLSU have jointly published a letter to private landlords and accommodation providers asking for flexibility around student accommodation during this uncertain time of the coronavirus pandemic. Please feel free send this letter to your landlord or provider to show the university’s support in your request for a reduction or waiver for your private rented home if you're not living in it due to the national lockdown or government restrictions.

We’ve made the letter available in an official download/printable document: King’s letter to private landlords