Personal tutors can help
Reach out and contact your personal tutor – you can find their details on Student Records. They will be able to talk to you about how your programme is structured and how to access support this year. Navigating university life can be complicated at the best of times, and your personal tutor can help you with this.

If you’re uncertain about personal tutoring, how it works, what it’s for and how your personal tutor can be there for you, read our article What does a personal tutor do?

Things are indeed very different this year, and it’s the same for personal tutoring too, so we recommend checking out our article What will happen with my personal tutoring in Semester 1 of 2020-21? for more detail on how things will work this semester and how you can get support.

A student for the first time?
If you’re new and starting university for the first time, and university life is not quite what you imagined, please do take a look out the articles in our New students category where you’ll see section called Adjusting to student life. The articles here cover a range of topics, from practical tips like how to manage your money, register with a doctor, avoid common scams, to supporting your academic experience such as developing your skills, how to use Libraries & Collections effectively.

Coming back to university after a break?
If you’re returning to university after a break in studies – perhaps you took an interruption last year, did study abroad or a placement, or perhaps you’re returning to university as a postgraduate and finding life different to your undergraduate experience, do take a look at our Returning to study category. Here, we’ve pulled together articles from across a range of categories which we think you’ll find especially helpful, as you adjust to returning to university life.

If you’re simply returning for your next year of study and feel like lots has changed, take a look at our section on Beginning a new year at King's which will give you lots of articles covering a wide range of topics including the key changes this year and handy tips and reminders for being back at university.

Something for everyone
Whether you’re new or returning, social and wellbeing support is something everyone needs from time to time. For this we recommend learning about the Student Union, the range of services within Student Services that you can access, and looking at our Health & Wellbeing category, which is dedicated to providing you with lots of resources and advice about how you can support your own wellbeing as well as seek help if and when you need it.

In particular, you may find these articles helpful: 
What online mental health support does King's provide?
What support is there for my mental health & wellbeing during self-isolation and remote study? 

These articles will also guide you towards other organisations outside King's, which can provide online support to students and young people, including 
Student Space, making it easier for you to find the support you need during the coronavirus pandemic. Simply click on the articles above for more information, or you can visit our Health & Wellbeing category to explore more the range of support on offer.

Socialising & fitness
Don’t forget – even though lots of things are online this year, there’s still plenty of events taking place. KCLSU are running a wide range of events and activities online which you can get involved in, King’s Sport are running various classes online to help keep you fit, and you can sign up to their app King’s Move which you can use to gather points and rewards. You may also want to check out their 
Active Wellness scheme, which is an initiative to help anyone within the King’s community who suffers from any mental or physical health issues through the use of exercise therapy.

We recommend looking through our Student life category, which covers all sort of topics – from personal tutoring, life in London as a student and more about KCLSU and the range of extra-curricular activities you can try.

If you feel like you’d really like to connect more with others, you may wish to find out more about Service at King’s and what you could to do to get involved – check out our article How can I give back and support my community? to find out more.

Your department and/or faculty can help
Each department and faculty can help you through your studies, with practical support to do with your course, but also by supporting your general wellbeing. If you have concerns about your course or you're struggling to adjust to university life this year, do approach your department for support. 

Here's a breakdown of the best contacts for support by faculty:

Arts & Humanities

King’s Business School


Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy

Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine

Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

King’s Foundations