Kaltura is a video streaming platform where content ranging from lectures, sessions, workshops can be shared and streamed online.

You can use Kaltura to:

  • Discover a wide range of helpful videos on Life at King’s to give you an insight into student life
  • Stream video content by Faculty/Department
  • Upload and submit videos for assignments and assessments

How do I access Kaltura?
To be able to use Kaltura, you’ll need to have set up your King's IT account first.

 Once you have your IT credentials, you’ll be able to log into Kaltura through our webpages.

Using Kaltura for the first time

Before using Kaltura, take a look at our Kaltura Student Guide on KEATS, where you can find guidance on:

  • Navigating 'My Media' and 'Media Gallery' on Kaltura
  • Recording and uploading to Kaltura
  • Editing your media in Kaltura
  • Completing a Kaltura Quiz
  • Submitting media assignment to Kaltura

Important to know:

  • Kaltura can be accessed internationally as long as you have a King’s account.
  • Kaltura videos and audio content also includes captions.