Where can I find details of the national lockdown and latest government guidance?
The latest government guidance is available on their website. Please familiarise yourself with the new national lockdown restrictions that will come in to place on 5 November.


When will I find out about the arrangements for my course during the national lockdown?
The university will remain open, in line with government guidance.

In line with our flexible, blended approach, we will continue to provide in-person teaching for programmes where it is most appropriate. This will include all programmes with clinical and placement activities, as well as timetabled laboratory sessions and other practical learning activities. From next week, we will be moving all other programmes online. As you will have found, we have excellent provision and will ensure you continue to access a high-quality education. Faculties will also be providing additional engagement and enrichment activities on campus and online for those students who wish to take part.

Your faculty and department will be contacting you with further details about what this looks like for your programme by Wednesday 4 November.


I am studying a clinical, medical, practical or lab-based course, can I still come onto campus to do practical sessions?
In line with our flexible, blended approach, we will continue to provide in-person teaching for programmes where it is most appropriate. This will include all programmes with clinical and placement activities, as well as timetabled laboratory sessions and other practical learning activities.

Details specific to your programme will come directly from your department.


Am I able to access campus even if my course is being delivered online?
Under the new restrictions students and staff can continue to travel to and from our campuses. Walking or cycling is encouraged if possible. If you are using public transport you must follow the guidelines in place.


I am a Postgraduate research student; can I continue to do my research on campus? 
From Thursday 5 November, only essential research and lab-based PhD work will be able to continue on campus, until the end of lockdown. If this applies to you, again you will be notified by your faculty or department by the end of the day on Wednesday 4 November.


What library and study spaces are available on campus?
You will continue to have access to our libraries and we are working to increase the availability of study spaces that you can book on campus. Details of how to book study spaces are available in our article Library study space & student computer rooms.  


How do I book a study space on campus?
We are working to increase the availability of study spaces, including through KCLSU, that you can book on campus, for those who would like to use them and wish to come to campus. Details of how to book an informal study space are available in our article Informal learning space on campus.  


Can I stay somewhere other than my term-time address? 
Under the new national restrictions from 5 November, the government will be requiring everyone to stay at their current home, except for specific purposes. This means that you should not leave your term-time address to return to your hometown in the UK or to stay with friends and family between 5 November and 2 December, and you should continue to learn at university for the remainder of this term.

If you are currently at another address and wish to travel back to your term-time accommodation, you can do so according to the latest government guidance. You will then need to remain there for the duration of the lockdown period.

We fully understand that this may be difficult and unwelcome news to some of you. As part of our public health responsibility, it is important that we do all we can to protect ourselves and those close to us from transmission of the virus. Please be assured that we are here to support you through your faculty, department, King’s residence or via our support services.


I am an international student; can I travel back to my home country?

Everyone should follow the national restrictions in place from 5 November until 2 December 2020, meaning that you must stay in your current accommodation and not leave your term time address, except for specific purposes, including leaving home for education, during this period. Those exceptions are set out in the Higher education: new national restrictions guidance (published on 4 November).

If you’re planning to return home at the end of the period of national restrictions (after 2 December) for the winter break, you should adhere to Public Health England advice while in England to ensure you are travelling safely. You should not travel if you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or are part of a household group which is self-isolating.

If you travel overseas, you should consider the restrictions on entry to the country in question, such as whether you would need to undertake a period of self-isolation in that country, and whether you would need to self-isolate when you return.

You should also consider your ability to access course materials overseas if you choose to travel home for the break. More information on arrangements for remote study is in our article Remote study during 2020-21.

You should be aware that travel advice may change while you are overseas; you are therefore, advised to regularly check all relevant GOV.UK guidance pages for updates.


Additional guidance for EU/EEA/Swiss Students 

If you are travelling to the EU, you should consult relevant guidance regarding the UK and EU transition. This is important because over the winter break (on 31 December 2020) the UK will leave the EU.

We’ve included links to some helpful guidance below:

Visa support

EU Settlement Scheme

Studying remotely 

(Source:  Department of Education - Student movement and plans for the end of term)


I usually commute to King’s from a different location in the UK, am I allowed to do this during the national lockdown?
In line with government guidance, you can continue to travel to and from the university for educational purposes. You should ensure that you are following public health guidance on safer travel to protect your health and the health of those around you.


How can I access mental health support?
We know that these uncertain times can cause a lot of anxiety and affect us differently. It is more important than ever to look after yourself and talk to your friends or family about how you are feeling. There are a range of resources available to help support you with your wellbeing and mental health:

Wellbeing week is taking place from 2 – 6 November and you can take part in a range of events to help you boost your wellbeing. More details and useful resources are available on the KCLSU Wellbeing Hub.