Yes. Your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) includes a section for this - section 6.1. You can see what this looks like on page 4 of this sample.

This section contains additional achievements that have been verified by King's College London, for example, prizes.

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What is included in the 'Additional information' section 6.1?

King's College London has an agreed set of achievements that will be recorded in the HEAR, that are considered to be outside of the academic curriculum. This section includes prizes you have won and all achievements that have been verified by King's College London.

Other activities, such as work experience and achievements you have undertaken, may be recorded elsewhere, for example in your CV and/or LinkedIn profile.


Included from academic year 2016/7:

Included from academic year 2015/16:

Included from academic year 2014/15:

  • KCLSU Award
  • KCLSU Award - Campaigner
  • KCLSU Award - Volunteer
  • KCLSU Award - Fundraiser
  • KCLSU Award - Council Member
  • KCLSU Award - Academic Representative
  • KCLSU Award - Student Media Contributor
  • KCLSU Award - President
  • KCLSU Award - Sports Person
  • KCLSU Award - Student Staff Member of the Year
  • KCLSU Burt Braisford Award
  • KCLSU Presidents Wreath
  • KCLSU Vice President Wreath
  • KCLSU Harris Ahmed Award
  • KCLSU Laurel
  • KCLSU Half Laurel
  • KCLSU Honorary Life Membership
  • KCLSU Colours
  • KCLSU Crowns
  • Skills Awards - Merit
  • Skills Awards - Pass
  • Student Staff Duty Manager
  • Student Staff Supervisor
  • Student Activity Group President
  • Student Activity Group or Sports Club Treasurer
  • Sports Club Captain
  • Student Council Chair
  • Student Council Forum Chair
  • Student Councillor
  • Student Representative
  • King's Experience Interdisciplinary Award
  • King's Experience Research Award

Included from academic year 2012/13:

What are the criteria for achievements to be added to section 6.1?

The College Education Committee has agreed the following criteria for items to be added to Section 6.1: 

  1. Achievements eligible for Section 6.1 must:
    • Demonstrate a student’s commitment, skill, ability or knowledge in an activity undertaken under the auspices of King’s College London or King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU);
    • Be verifiable by Programme Assessment Sub-Board or Committee or other delegated officer;
    • Be verified before students have completed their academic programme. Final HEARs will be issued to graduating students shortly after their final Exam Board. The date of the Board will be the final date for inclusion and verification of items;
    • Not be a direct part of the academic curriculum. These should be reflected in section 4.3 of the HEAR;
    • Be available to all students (a) at the university or (b) on a specific academic programme, or (c) within a specific department or faculty (institute/school), with the exception of certain representative roles which may be restricted to ensure democratic representation of the student population as a whole;
    • Not overlap with an accredited achievement already recorded in 4.3.


  1. The unit within King's College London proposing the new item is able to undertake its administration. This will involve approving/verifying the achievement, maintaining an audit trail and adding the details of the achievers via Student Records.


  1. The activity should be advertised to all eligible students in advance.

How can I propose adding achievements to section 6.1?

Departments within King's College London or KCLSU can submit a proposal for additional items to be included in Section 6.1 of the HEAR. This proposal should meet the criteria agreed by the College Education Committee.

Important to know: Individual students are not permitted to submit proposals for Section 6.1.

Proposing the addition of items

  • The faculty (institute/school) or relevant division approves the proposal to add a new item via the relevant committee approval process.
  • The proposer sends details of the achievement to be added by logging a case. Student Services will pass this to the HEAR team. Details provided by the proposer should include the title of the achievement, the description, how the achievement will be advertised to students, and who will be responsible for approving and/or verifying the achievement.
  • The HEAR team will contact the Quality, Standards and Enhancement Office who will confirm that the achievement meets the criteria for inclusion in section 6.1 of the HEAR.
  • Once the item has been set up, the HEAR team will advise the proposer accordingly.
  • Once the relevant section (e.g. faculty assessment board) has confirmed which student is to be awarded the item, the faculty/department or relevant division allocates the item to the student via student records (HEAR Achievement Management process*).
  • Where a proposal is made to add a prize to the system, the proposer should ensure that the King's College London prize book has been updated prior to submitting a request to the HEAR team.
  • Once prizes have been added to the student record, the faculty assessment board should inform the Graduation, Ceremonies & Events team.
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