As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had suspended outbound student travel until the end of March 2021. Due to the rise in global cases and an increase in travel restrictions, we have taken the decision to extend the travel suspension for study and work abroad to the end of June 2021. 
We understand that this will come as disappointing news and we know that you will have questions about what this means for your studies. We are working closely with your departments and our international partners and will contact you with more information in the coming weeks.  
Please be aware that we will continue to offer a student travel suspension exception request process to ensure that we can be flexible despite the suspension, and only where it is safe and appropriate to do so. Further details can be found below.
We know that this is an unsettling time for you, please be assured that we are here to support you.

Plans for travel
We advise against making any plans for study, internships or placements at overseas organisations before July 2021 beyond where you would be otherwise be living at that time (whether this be in London or elsewhere). We also advise against making plans without explicit approval from King’s to do so.

Postgraduate Research Students
If you are a PGR student and you wish to apply for an exception to the current travel suspension, please complete an online PGR Travel Exception Request Form.

Approval for internships or year-in-industry
King's is unable to sign any required Host Agreements for international internships or year-in-industry for the remainder of the academic year 2020/21, unless undertaking such an opportunity is possible without international travel, for instance if the opportunity can be safely undertaken in the location where you are currently located (and following local government or territory legislation) or can be conducted remotely or online.

This applies to both opportunities as part of a programme of study, or independently sourced but where your host employer requires King’s to sanction your opportunity as part of a tripartite agreement. Students with a summer internship can consult our King’s Careers & Employability FAQs for support.

Students in KBS/NMES embarking on a year-in-industry placement in 2021/22 should speak with the Global Placements team before confirming any plans where international travel is required.

If you’re currently enrolled at King’s, please review the latest advice at King’s Careers & Employability for support.

Important to know: Please be assured that King’s remains committed to ensuring that you are not academically disadvantaged by COVID-19, including where the year abroad is normally a compulsory part of a degree.

We will continue to review travel on a rolling basis and seek to open opportunities when we can, in line with government advice and reduced risk. 


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