King's cautiously resumed travel for students during the 2021/22 academic year, in line with appropriate guidelines to protect the health of our student and the wider community, and we continue to support and encourage travel so long as it can happen safely and in-keeping with UK policy. 
In July we established a resumption based on a definition of “essential” travel and in September we updated this in line with the UK government’s Step 4 of the roadmap.
During the pandemic, the situation regarding travel is subject to change, and this has recently been the case due to the Omicron variant, so this policy will be reviewed and updated in line with substantial changes to government guidance. 

Who can travel abroad during 2021-22?
We encourage all travellers at this time to be cautious and careful of changing requirements and restrictions being introduced by overseas countries and host organisations.
The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) website must be consulted for the destination country to ascertain whether the country has restrictions or other requirements for entry. For this please visit Foreign travel advice and note that it can change at short notice.
All travellers must complete and have approved the travel risk assessment checklist, which is available at KCL Health & Safety: Travel Abroad.

A student wishing to study abroad, to take up an internship, elective, or work placement overseas, or to attend a conference or conduct research outside of the UK, can travel, subject to travel risk assessment approval.
Such a risk assessment must be completed by a Head of Department, Head of Department designate or another appropriate staff member.
Important to know: King’s travel insurance will be able to be issued on approval of the risk assessment.

Will this be the same for all students at King’s wanting to travel abroad during 2021-22?
This is the broad policy and approach for the university. However, at a department or faculty level decisions may have already been made that travel cannot take place for the 2021-22 academic year.

If you are due to travel for your course during 2021-22, and you’re uncertain what this might mean for you, please check in with your department/faculty for the specific plans for your course.

For students whose opportunity to study or work abroad is supported via the Global Mobility Office, the travel risk assessments can be sent directly to for Head of Department authorisation.
The Global Mobility Office will then automatically submit students’ details for the university’s travel insurance.

For students undertaking an industry placement in King’s Business School (KBS) or in the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences (NMES), which are coordinated through King’s Careers & Employability’s Global Placement provision; travel risk assessments can be sent directly to for the Head of Department to authorise.



Where can I find out more details about the risk assessment and travel insurance?


Important to know: Guidance for study, research or work abroad is subject to change

It is important to bear in mind that the pandemic is ongoing, and remains an unpredictable situation. The university is subject to UK government guidelines, and must also factor in protecting the health of both the King’s students and staff and the wider community.

Policies around risk, vaccinations, and quarantining can change at any time, and each individual travelling will be subject to the policies in place for their destination country and return to the UK.

Important to know: Costs associated with mandatory quarantine will not be covered by the insurance policy; these costs will need to be covered by any travellers personally.

I have further questions about how this will work; who can I go to?
We understand this information is complex and may be confusing or concerning if you have hopes and plans to travel during the 2021/22 academic year.

If you have further questions please contact the Global Mobility Office by email.


Returning to the UK

Before travelling to the UK, please read the 'Before you travel' checklist on GOV.UK and make sure you understand the national restrictions for travelling to the UK from overseas.


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