Some courses at King’s will have restrictions to Personalised Assessment Arrangements. This article includes more information about the arrangements that are not permitted for certain courses.


Coversheets and Exam Script Stickers 

The following courses do not permit the use of a coversheet or exam script sticker; please click on the course name for more detailed guidance: 


Important to know: If you are studying Medicine and choose to intercalate, it is possible to add a coversheet to your arrangements for your intercalated course. You will need to email the Examinations Office to request for a coversheet for your intercalating year. 



If you are studying Dentistry, a computer can be approved for all written examinations except for any clinical-based assessments, which have writing elements, where a use of a computer is not practicable. 


Reasonable adjustments for professional clinical exams

Whilst King's has a duty under the Equality Act to make reasonable adjustments for students, we must balance these against the need to protect the academic integrity of our assessments, and the professional requirements of registrable programmes. 


Important to know: 

King's has a responsibility to sign off students as being fit for capable of registration and practice. As such, it is not always appropriate to grant additional arrangements for assessment practices, where inclusive processes have already been incorporated.

If you have further queries on this, please contact your faculty/department or visit our Fitness for Registration and practice webpages.