Overseas students who are planning to return to their home country might need to secure Fit to Fly certification including a negative COVID test result. In order to support these students, King's is offering to contribute to a test up to the value of £100. Please read the rest of this article carefully to understand eligibility and important deadlines.

Important to know: 


Eligibility & criteria for submitting a claim:

  • You must be a current student actively engaged in your studies (e.g. not on a period of interruption or have a dormant student status).

  • If you have dual nationality/home fees status but your home is overseas, then you can still submit a claim.

  • We know that some countries require passengers to take a coronavirus test upon their arrival at the airport/once they disembark a plane. You can include the cost of such a test as part of your claim because it is a cost associated with you travelling home.

  • You can only submit a claim for travel that occurred between 3 and 24 December 2020.

  • If you pre-booked your test before the above travel dates, but travelled home within those dates, then you can still submit a claim.


How do I claim the contribution payment? 
In order to claim the contribution payment:

  1. Complete the Covid Test Claim form, which requires you to
    • Confirm your details
    • Attach your test receipt or Fit to Fly certificate as proof of your test.
  2. Your details will be processed and all payments will be made via your Student Account to a UK bank account.
  3. If you have a non-UK bank account then you can provide alternative bank details by emailing student grants. Within your email, please quote your student ID for verification purposes.


Important to know: Please do ensure you attach your test receipt or Fit to Fly certificate, otherwise your payment will be delayed.


When will my claim be processed?
The final deadline for all claims is currently Friday 22 January 2021. We are processing claims as we receive them, and aim to have made all eligible payments by the end of January.

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