This article explains the financial support available for students arriving in England from a red list country in Semester 1. If you're arriving from an amber or green list country, please see our separate article Financial support for students arriving in England from an amber or green list country.
Essential information
Before travelling to England, please read the 'Before you travel' checklist on GOV.UK and make sure you understand the national restrictions for travelling to England from outside the UK.
Important to know: The Department for Education (DfE) has published guidance for universities, including information on new and returning students travelling from overseas. This explains rights for entering the UK: “Residence rights includes those with an entry clearance or visa that grants such leave, for example, students, holders of existing leave to enter or remain such as those students with biometric residence permits, and holders of EU Settlement Scheme (‘EUSS’) leave."
Testing & quarantine costs
When travelling to England, testing and quarantine rules are dependent on whether you've travelled from a country on the red, amber or green listWe advise that you read government guidance on finding a coronavirus (COVID-19) travel test provider when arriving in England for further guidance on how much you may need to budget for travel tests.
We have made funds available to assist international students who are in financial need with the costs of quarantine upon entering
England during Semester 1.
Students arriving from a red list country may be eligible to receive funding for the Managed Quarantine Package of up to £2,285, through our King's Quarantine Hardship Fund 2021-22.
We strongly advise that you read the rules for red list countries and territories for further information on booking your coronavirus quarantine package before arriving in the UK.
Eligibility & criteria for receiving funding

In order to submit an application for hardship support, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Be enrolled on a programme at King's from September 2021 as a new or returning student. 
  • Be studying full-time at undergraduate, postgraduate taught/research level.
  • Be an international (including EU, EEA or Swiss) student travelling from a red list country directly to England and you are required to quarantine.
  • Be travelling to England because your course requires you to be on campus/your timetable has on-campus teaching. You would have confirmed this on your Study Location form as part of your enrolment/re-enrolment.
  • Your quarantine start date should take place after 1 September and end no later than 18 October 2021. 
  • Your annual household income and savings should not exceed £40,000 (GBP equivalent) 


Important to know: 

  • Please note that meeting the eligibility criteria above alone does not guarantee that an award can be made.
  • Home students who have been overseas for the summer break are not eligible to submit an application.


Submitting an application for the King's Quarantine Hardship Fund 
Important to know: The deadline for all applications and evidence is 31 October 2021. Any incomplete applications will not be considered.
How do I submit an application?
You can submit an application once travel has occurred/upon completing your quarantine. 

To submit an application, you will need to complete an online form
What supporting evidence do I need to provide?
During your application, you will be required to upload
  • An invoice and proof of payment for your completed quarantine.
  • Evidence of your household income (you or your sponsors) and your savings.


I need support with my application
Please contact Student Funding if you need any support with your application, or if you have further questions about the Quarantine Hardship Fund.

How many applications can I submit? 
You can only submit one application during Semester 1. Your application must support you when travelling to England to commence your studies.


What happens if my application is approved/rejected and /or the colour status of a country changes?
We will continue to monitor this closely in line with government guidance and support affected students appropriately.

When will my application be processed?
We are processing applications as we receive them, so successful applicants will be notified of the outcome within 20 working days of submitting an application. You will be notified once your application has been received and will only be contacted if further information is needed. 
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