The Test to Release for international travel scheme is for those who need to self-isolate upon arrival in England. Under the scheme, you can choose to pay for a private COVID-19 test 5 calendar days after you have left a country/territory not on the travel corridor list. If your test result is negative, then you can stop self-isolating.
To support international students travelling to the UK, King’s is offering to contribute towards a private COVID-19 test up to the value of £100. 
Please read the rest of this article carefully to understand eligibility and important deadlines before you apply. In addition:
Eligibility & criteria for submitting a claim: 
  • You must be a current overseas student actively engaged in your studies (e.g. not on a period of interruption nor have a dormant student status). 

  • If you have dual nationality/home fee status then you can still submit a claim if you meet the other criteria. 

  • You must be:

    • Arriving in the UK after being overseas for the winter break; OR 

    • Arriving in the UK after studying overseas during Semester 1; OR 

    • Arriving in the UK to start your studies at King’s in January 2021.  

  • You will need to provide evidence of your Test to Release test AND that you travelled from a country/territory not on the travel corridor. 

  • You can only submit a claim for travel that occurs by Friday 26 February 2021. 

Important to know: Home students who have been overseas over the winter break are not eligible to submit a claim. 
How do I claim the contribution payment? 
To claim the contribution payment: 
  1. Complete the Test to Release claim form, which requires you to  
  • Confirm your details;

  • Provide a receipt for your Test to Release test; 

  • Provide evidence of where you have travelled from (e.g. a boarding pass or flight confirmation). 

  1. Your details will be processed and all payments will be made via your Student Account to a UK bank account. 
  1. If you have a non-UK bank account then you can provide alternative bank details by emailing student grants. Within your email, please quote your student ID for verification purposes.
Important to know: Please do ensure you attach the appropriate evidence otherwise your payment will be delayed. 
When will my claim be processed?  
We are processing claims as we receive them, so you should receive an update a few working days after you submit the form.
Once you have your COVID-19 test results  
If the results of your test are negative, you will no longer need to self-isolate.   If the results of your test are positive, you must remain in self isolation for the full 10 days from the date you took your test. You should also complete the King’s self-isolation reporting form. 
Additional support for arriving in the UK and/or self-isolation: